"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty." - Bertrand Russell

MA 3110: Logic, Proof, and Axiomatic Systems (Fall 2009)

My office hours are currently scheduled for MWF 11AM--12:30PM (or by appointment). My office is located in Hyde 312. This page will be updated regularly, so check back often!


  • Class begins on Thurs, 9.3 at 3:30--4:45AM in Hyde 314.
  • No class on Tues, 9.10 (I'm out sick)
  • Midterm Exam (part 1): In-class portion of the Midterm Exam is on Thurs, 10.22
  • Midterm Exam (part 2): Take-home portion of the Midterm Exam is due on Tues, 10.27 (see below for the .pdf file)
  • No class on Thurs, 11.26 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Final Exam (part 1): In-class portion of the Final Exam is on Thurs, 12.17 at 2:30--5:00PM
  • Final Exam (part 2): Take-home portion of the Final Exam is due on Fri, 12.18 by 5:00PM (see below for the .pdf file)

general course information


Here is a list of your homework assignments. This list will be updated as we go. Note: E=Exercise, P=Problem, T=Theorem, L=Lemma, C=Corollary, Q=Question to Ponder.

  • HW 1: Stop by my office and say hello. If I'm not there, then leave a note. (due 3:30PM Tues, 9.8)
  • HW 2: Send me an email telling me something interesting about yourself or tell me what you did over the summer. (due 3:30PM Tues, 9.8)
  • HW 3: Read both "Note to the Student: What This Book Expects from You" and "Chapter 0: Introduction--An Essay." Also, prove the 8 theorems from The Circle-Dot System handout; be prepared to present your solutions on the board (complete sentences not required; extended due date is Thus, 9.10)
  • HW 4: Read Sections 1.1--1.5. Write (typed, please) a one-page (or more) summary of these sections, being sure to include the relevant definitions. Also, write up (no need to be typed) the thought experiment as described on pages 7--8 (due Tues, 9.15)
  • HW 5: #E1.3.3, E1.4.3, E1.5.3, P1.1, P1.2 (due Thurs, 9.17)
  • HW 6: #E1.7.1, E1.7.5, E1.7.7, E1.7.8, E1.8.3, E1.8.5, E1.8.10, P1.3, P1.6 (due Tues, 9.22)
  • HW 7: #E1.11.1, E1.12.1, E1.13.3, E1.14.1, E1.14.2, E1.14.4, P1.7, P1.8, P1.9 (due Thurs, 9.24)
  • HW 8: #T2.2.2, E2.2.4, E2.3.2, E2.3.3, E2.3.5, E2.3.8, P2.3 (due Tues, 9.29)
  • HW 9: #E2.3.15, E2.4.4, T2.4.5, P2.4.8, T2.4.11 (due Thurs, 10.1)
  • HW 10: Read sections 2.5 and 2.6. Complete: #E2.5.2, E2.5.3, T2.5.4, E2.5.6, P2.6.1 (due Tues, 10.6)
  • HW 11: #P3.2.2, P3.2.3, P3.2.5, P3.2.6 (due Thurs, 10.8)
  • HW 12: #T3.3.1, P3.3.2, T3.3.3 (due Tues, 10.13)
  • HW 13: #E4.1.3, E4.1.6, E4.1.9, P4.1.10, P4.1, P4.3, P4.4 (due Thurs, 10.15)
  • HW 14: #E4.3.2, E4.3.4, E4.3.5, E4.3.7, T4.3.8, T4.3.15, P4.15 (due Tues, 10.20)
  • HW 15: #T4.3.16, C4.3.17, L4.3.20, T4.3.21, E4.3.23, P4.16 (due Thurs, 10.22)
  • HW 16: #E5.1.2, E5.1.3, E5.1.4, E5.1.6, T5.1.7, P5.4 (due Thurs, 10.29)
  • HW 17: #E5.1.10, E5.1.12, T5.1.13, E5.1.14, E5.1.15, P5.3, P5.10 (due Tues, 11.3)
  • HW 18: Read Section 5.3 and complete E5.3.5, T5.3.6, T5.3.11, P5.3.12 (due Thurs, 11.5)
  • HW 19: Read pages 118--122 and complete E5.5.6, E5.5.7, T5.5.8, T5.5.15, E5.5.16 (due Tues, 11.10)
  • HW 20: Read pages 123--128 and complete E5.5.19, T5.5.21, T5.5.22, T5.5.24, T5.5.25 (due Thurs, 11.12)
  • HW 21: Read Section 5.2 and complete E5.2.2, T5.2.3, T5.2.9, T5.2.10 (due Tues, 11.17)
  • HW 22: Read Section 7.1 and complete E7.1.2, T7.1.3, T7.1.5, E7.1.6 (due Thurs, 11.19)
  • HW 23: Read Section 7.2 and complete T7.2.3, E7.2.4, T7.2.5, C7.2.7 (due date changed to Tues, 12.1)
  • HW 24: Complete user profile on course wiki (due Wed, 11.25)
  • HW 25: Read Section 7.3 and complete T7.3.3, T7.3.5, T7.3.6, E7.3.9 (see course wiki for hints, due Thurs, 12.3)
  • HW 26: Read Section 7.4 and complete C7.4.4, C7.4.5, C7.4.6, P7.4.9 (see course wiki for hints, due Tues, 12.7)

class notes

study guidelines

take-home portions of exams

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