Yesterday, I gave a talk titled “Inquiry Based Learning: What, Why, and How?” at the University of Arizona Mathematics Instructional Colloquium. There weren’t too many people in attendance (about a dozen), but the talk seemed to be very well-received. Here’s the abstract for the talk:

What is inquiry-based learning (IBL)? Why use IBL? How can you incorporate more IBL into the classes that you teach? In this talk, we will address all of these questions, as well as discuss a few different examples of what an IBL classroom might look like in practice.

And here are the slides.

I knew that I wouldn’t get through all of the material, but I had enough prepared so that I could take the talk where the audience wanted to go. Surprisingly, I was able to discuss the content on all but the last two slides. I plan to give a similar talk at the 2012 ArizMATYC conference, which takes place at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ.

Prior to yesterday’s talk, I was able to squeeze in a bike ride up Mount Lemmon.

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