Note: On each homework assignment, please write (i) your name, (ii) name of course, and (iii) Daily/Weekly Homework number.

Daily Homework

Here are the Daily Homework assignments for the semester. We will add to this list as we go. The Daily Homework assignments will be graded on a $\checkmark$-system. During class, you are only allowed to annotate your homework using the felt-tip pens that I will provide. I reserve the right to modify the assignment if the need arises.

Weekly Homework

In addition to the Daily Homework, you will also be required to submit formally written solutions to selected problems each week. Assignments will be added as we go.

Getting Help

There are many resources available to get help. First, I recommend that you work on homework in groups as much as possible, and to come see me whenever necessary. Also, you are strongly encouraged to ask questions in the course forum on our Moodle page page, as I will post comments there for all to benefit from. To effectively post to the course forum, you will need to learn the basics of LaTeX, the standard language for typesetting in the mathematics community. See the Quick LaTeX guide for help with $\LaTeX$. If you need additional help with $\LaTeX$, post a question in the course forum on our Moodle page.

You can also visit the Math Activity Center, which is located in Hyde 351. This student-run organization provides peer tutoring services for most 1000 and 2000 level math courses and some 3000 level courses. Tutors are typically math majors interested in teaching math and practicing their instructional skills. You can drop in anytime during open hours.

Lastly, you can always .