We’ll use this page to keep track of what has happened each day in class. It won’t contain any of the nitty-gritty details, but will instead serve to summarize what has transpired each day.

Week 1

  • Wednesday, August 12: First Day! We spent the majority of the time discussing logistics. In particular, we did a brief overview of Zoom (chat, raise/lower hand, thumbs up, breakout rooms, polling) and toured the course webpage and BbLearn.
  • Thursday, August 13: After spending time discussing questions on the syllabus, we tackled several homework questions.
  • Friday, August 14: We kicked off by answering a couple homework questions and then I started Section 2.1: Rates of Change, Limits, and Tangent Lines. In particular, we discussed average rate of change and introduced instantaneous rate of change as the slope of the tangent line.

Week 2

  • Monday, August 17: First, we wrapped up Section 2.1. This entailed understanding how to approximate the slope of a tangent line by using secant lines. This was followed by answering a couple homework questions. We spent the last bit of class getting started on Section 2.2: Limits: A Numerical and Graphical Approach. We focused on a graphical approach.
  • Wednesday, August 19: We wrapped up Section 2.2 and then answered a couple homework questions at the end.
  • Thursday, August 20: We cranked through Section 2.3: Limit Laws.
  • Friday, August 21: We covered about half of Section 2.4: Limits and Continuity. At the very end, I answered a couple questions about homework.

Week 3

  • Monday, August 24: I continued lecturing over Section 2.4: Limits and Continuity.
  • Wednesday, August 26: We wrapped up Section 2.4 and started Section 2.5: Evaluating Limit Algebraically.
  • Thursday, August 27: We wrapped up Section 2.5 after discussing logistics for next week.
  • Friday, August 28: I lectured over Section 2.6: Trig Limits. This included discussion of the Squeeze Theorem.

Week 4

  • Monday, August 31: We wrapped up Section 2.6 and cranked through Section 2.7: Limits at Infinity.
  • Wednesday, September 2: I did one more example from Section 2.7 and then started Sections 3.1/3.2, which introduce derivatives.
  • Thursday, September 3: We spent a few minutes more on Sections 3.1/3.2 and then reviewed for the exam.
  • Friday, September 4: Students took the in-class portion of Exam 1.

Week 5

  • Monday, September 7: Labor Day. No classes!
  • Wednesday, September 9: I continued discussing Sections 3.1/3.2.
  • Thursday, September 10: More discussion of Sections 3.1/3.2.
  • Friday, September 11: We wrapped up Sections 3.1/3.2 and started Section 3.3.

Week 6

  • Monday, September 14: I lectured over Section 3.7: The Chain Rule. We will go back to Sections 3.6 and 3.5 over the next few days.
  • Wednesday, September 16: We discussed Section 3.6, which introduced the derivatives of the 6 trigonometric functions.
  • Thursday, September 17: I covered Section 3.5: Higher Derivatives.
  • Friday, September 18: I lectured over most of Section 3.8: Implicit Differentiation.

Week 7

  • Monday, September 21: We wrapped up Section 3.8 Implicit Differentiation.
  • Wednesday, September 23: I lectured over Section 3.9: Derivatives of Exponentials and Logarithms.
  • Thursday, September 24: I wrapped up Section 3.9 and then discussed a technique known as logarithmic differentiation.
  • Friday, September 25: We started discussing Section 3.10: Related Rates.

Week 8

  • Monday, September 28: We wrapped up Section 3.10: Related Rates.
  • Wednesday, September 30: Today, we discussed approximations using tangent lines. This went quickly and then we did some more related rates stuff.
  • Thursday, October 1: We spent the majority of the class meeting reviewing for the upcoming exam.
  • Friday, October 2: The students took Part 1 of Exam 2.

Week 9

  • Monday, October 5: We started discussing Section 4.2: Extreme Values.
  • Wednesday, October 7: We continued with Section 4.2.
  • Thursday, October 8: Zoom stopped working on us, so we threw in the towel.
  • Friday, October 9: We got halfway through Section 4.3: The Mean Value Theorem and Monotonocity.

Week 10

  • Monday, October 12: We wrapped up Section 4.3 and discussed the relationship between increasing/decreasing and the derivative.
  • Wednesday, October 14: We discussed Section 4.4: The Shape of a Graph.
  • Thursday, October 15: We got most of the way through Section 4.5: L'Hospital's Rule.
  • Friday, October 16: After revisiting Problem 8 from Daily Homework 26, we tackled more examples of L'Hospital's Rule.

Week 11

  • Monday, October 19: After cranking out one more example of L'Hospital's Rule, we started Section 4.7: Applied Optimization.
  • Wednesday, October 21: We tinkered around with a couple more optimization problems.
  • Thursday, October 22: We covered Section 5.3: The Indefinite Integral.
  • Friday, October 23: We wrapped up Section 5.3 and discussed a couple problems on Weekly Homework 6.

Week 12

  • Monday, October 26: We started discussing Sections 5.1 and 5.2.
  • Wednesday, October 28: More discussion of Section 5.1 and 5.2. In particular, we introduced the formal definition of the definite integral.
  • Thursday, October 29: We wrapped up our formal introduction to the definite integral.
  • Friday, October 30: Review day for Exam 3.

Week 13

  • Monday, November 2: Students took Part 1 of Exam 3.
  • Wednesday, November 4: After discussing a couple problems from, Parts 1 and 2 of Exam 3, we started discussing the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Sections 5.4 and 5.5).
  • Thursday, November 5: We spent some time discussing problems on the take-home exam and then continued doing more examples involving the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (FTC1).
  • Friday, November 6: We discussed the second part of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (FTC2) and did lots of examples.

Week 14

  • Monday, November 9: We discussed Section 5.6: Net Change as an Integral of a Rate of Change.
  • Wednesday, November 11: Veteran's Day. No classes.
  • Thursday, November 12: We wrapped up Section 5.6 and then started Section 5.7: Substitution.
  • Friday, November 13: After a short discussion about differentials, we cranked through lots of examples involving integration by substitution.

Week 15

  • Monday, November 16: Lots of examples of integration by substitution!
  • Wednesday, November 18: We spent some time reviewing today. In particular, we discussed limits, tangent lines, Mean Value Theorem, optimization, and implicit differentiation.

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