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I write sporadically on my personal blog. Topics focus on mathematics, teaching, and technology. Posts are listed in reverse chronological order.

Teaching Tidbits

I used to be a co-editor/author for the online column Teaching Tidbits, which was sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. Below are some of my posts.

  • D.C. Ernst. The Role of Failure and Struggle in the Mathematics Classroom Teaching Tidbits. Fall 2017. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Want to Give Your Teaching Style a Makeover This Summer? Here’s How. Teaching Tidbits. Spring 2017. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Who generates the examples? Teaching Tidbits. Fall 2016. [Blog Post]

Math Ed Matters

I was also a co-editor/author (joint with Angie Hodge) for Math Ed Matters, which was an online column sponsored by the MAA. The column explores topics and current events related to undergraduate mathematics education. Below is a selection of my posts.

  • D.C. Ernst. Setting the Stage. Math Ed Matters. January 2015. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. The Twin Pillars of IBL. Math Ed Matters. January 2015. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Fear is the mind-killer. Math Ed Matters. June 2014. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Encouraging Students to Tinker. Math Ed Matters. August 2014. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst, A. Hodge, and T.J. Hitchman. Engaging in Inquiry-Based Learning. Math Ed Matters. February 2014. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst and A. Hodge. Math Ed Mania at the JMM. Math Ed Matters. January 2014. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst and A. Hodge. The JMM: What’s Mathematics Education Got to Do with It? Math Ed Matters. December 2013. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Give the Students the Colored Pen. Math Ed Matters. August 2013. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Personality Matters? Math Ed Matters. July 2013. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. Grade School Utopia? Math Ed Matters. July 2013. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst and A. Hodge. Try, Fail, Understand, Win. Math Ed Matters. June 2013. [Blog Post]
  • D.C. Ernst. What the Heck Is IBL? Math Ed Matters. May 2013. [Blog Post]


Below are a few miscellaneous blogging-related items.

  • Teaching Calculus 1 with a Focus on Student Presentations. Discovering the Art of Mathematics. October 2015. [Blog Post]
  • 4+1 interview with Dana Ernst. Casting Out Nines by R. Talbert. The Chronicle Blog Network. August 2013. [Blog Post]
  • IBL Instructor Perspectives: Professor Dana Ernst. The IBL Blog by S. Yoshinobu. February 2012. [Blog Post]
  • I am an editor for, which is a site devoted to aggregating the multitude of math-related blogs and news sources across the Internet. My job as editor is to select blog posts to be included in the Editors’ Picks List.

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