Photo by Kurt Refsnider

2020 Results

We had a much higher finishing rate than 2019, but the heat, lack of water, and dust took its toll on the field. Check out the event recap on

Grand Depart

The 2020 Grand Depart took place at 6am on Saturday, October 10.

Pinyons and Pines (full course)

Name Hometown Elapsed Time Notes
Brendan James Heinig Boulder, CO 1:13:00 First place male, men's course record
Cookie Mike Bellvue, CO 1:21:45 Second place male
Brad Ells Fort Collins, CO 1:23:30 Third place male, first single speed
Andrew Strempke Olathe, KS 2:02:37 Fourth place male, second single speed
Rylee Sweeney Bishop, CA 2:08:40 First place female, women's course record
Elizabeth Sampey Carbondale, CO 2:09:30 Second place female
Bob Horn Salt Lake City, UT 2:11:19
Kyle Quinn Littleton, CO 2:11:19 Third single speed
Hannah Caproon Flagstaff, AZ 2:20:20 Third place female
Dan Dunn Flagstaff, AZ 2:20:20
Knox Kinlaw Sante Fe, NM 3:04:00
Nico Hawbaker Flagstaff, AZ DNF Dropped out after O'Leary Peak (roughly mile 190)
Pete Schuster Littleton, CO DNF Dropped out at Sunset Crater (roughly mile 175)
Aaron Denberg Big Horn, WY DNF Dropped out at Route 89 (roughly mile 150)
Katie Strempke Olathe, KS DNF Dropped out at Route 66 (roughly mile 145) with broken frame
Troy Marino Flagstaff, AZ DNF Dropped out at Dairy Springs Campground (roughly mile 99) and then rode home
Dylan Turner Flagstaff, AZ DNF Dropped out near Mormon Mountain (roughly mile 95)
Brent Alexander Phoenix, AZ DNF Dropped after crossing I-17 (roughly mile 83)
Bailey Newbrey Santa Fe, NM DNF Dropped shortly after Sedona (roughly mile 75)
Justin Dubois (Trick Turner) Estes Park, CO DNF Dropped in Sedona
Ian Wigger Boise, ID DNF Dropped in Sedona
Wyatt Spalding Phoenix, AZ DNF Dropped in Sedona
Veronika Hewitt Dillon, CO DNF Dropped in Sedona
Harrison Shotzbarger Colorado Plateau and CA DNF Dropped in Sedona

Pinyons Loop

Name Hometown Elapsed Time Notes
Dana Ernst Flagstaff, AZ 0:20:58 Only finisher of complete Pinyons Loop
Michael Krause Irvine, CA Modified Pinyons Loop
Brett Goett Scottsdale, AZ Modified Pinyons Loop
Rick Honsinger Williams, AZ DNF

Duo Pinyons Loop

Name Hometown Elapsed Time Notes
Daniel Dickason and Carlos Danel Flagstaff, AZ DNF Dropped out in Sedona

Pines Loop

Name Hometown Elapsed Time Notes
Brad Mattingly Flagstaff, AZ 1:10:45 Only finisher of complete Pines Loop
Ian Crombie Tucson, AZ Completed a modified loop
Artec Durham Flagstaff, AZ Completed a modified loop
Rich Wolf Julian, CA DNF
Anthony Farley Salt Lake City, UT DNF

Individual Time Trials

Name Hometown Start Date Southern Portion Full Course Notes
Liz Carrington Durango, CO 5/22/20 1:03:12 2:11:59 Several bonus miles on AZT prior to end of southern portion.
Dana Ernst Flagstaff, AZ 5/22/20 1:08:48 2:14:20
Bill Akens Flagstaff, AZ 5/22/20 1:10:20 3:12:00
Joe Pavlik Flagstaff, AZ 5/22/20 1:08:48 Completed southern portion and rode northern portion to Sunset Crater. Several deviations.
Mike Farrell Flagstaff, AZ 5/22/20 1:08:48 Missed roughly 35 miles of southern portion due to a blown out rear shock. Restarted at Honaki in Sedona. Rode northern portion to Schultz Pass.
Chris Kuzdas Flagstaff, AZ 5/22/20 1:09:30 Only completed southern portion.
Artec Durham Flagstaff, AZ 5/23/20 1:04:20 2:13:00 Missed some single track in Sedona.
Brad Mattingly Flagstaff, AZ 5/23/20 1:10:00 3:10:53
Jeff Hemperley Prescott, AZ 5/24/20 1:02:00 Rode back into Flagstaff on Lake Mary Road instead of following AZT/Loop Trail.
Nate Woiwode Tucson, AZ 9/20/20 4:13:00 Fully rigid single speed and some stomach issues in Sedona.