Photo by Kurt Refsnider


This is an unsanctioned event. There are no fees, no prizes, but all attempts will be made to record your finish time. A start time and route are provided and it is up to the participant to understand the route. Riders have full responsibility for their navigation and well being. The goal is to finish the entire route while setting your own pace. Riders can choose between two categories: solo or duo (2-person team).

The rules for this event follow the same principles as similar bikepacking events. The following guidelines are a remix of the rules for the Colorado Trail Race, Arizona Trail Race, and Bones to Blue Bikepacking Race. We rely on the honor system, so be honorable and have a great ride. Feel free to ask questions on the event’s Facebook group (or post in the forum on

  • You must purchase an Arizona State Land Department Recreation Permit as the northern part of the course passes across state trust land. Permits can be purchased online. An annual permit is $15.
  • Be overly courteous to all trail users. Just because you are racing does not mean you have right of way! Yield to hikers, equestrians, and uphill bikers.
  • Complete the entire route, under your own power.
  • Follow the GPX track as best you can. Small deviations and side trips are fine. Intentionally skipping part of the route is not okay.
  • If you must deviate substantially from the route for any reason (e.g., medical, mechanical) but wish to continue, then you must return to the point of the course where you deviated.
  • If you are racing in the solo category, you should carry your own gear, food, water, etc.
  • If you are racing in the duo category, you and your partner may share resources.
  • If you are racing in the duo category, you and your partner should stay together for the duration of the ride.
  • You may ride with other people, but drafting is not allowed, unless you are in the duo category and it is your partner.
  • Unplanned support from other riders is allowed.
  • Support crews and pacers are not allowed.
  • Visitation by spectators (friends, family) is okay provided the visit is short and no support is provided.
  • Individual caches (food, water, etc) are not allowed.
  • Gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, and any other commercial services along the route are fair game as long as they are not pre-arranged.
  • Practice “leave no trace”. In particular, do not litter!
  • Follow all traffic laws. You must use lights when riding at night on any public roads.
  • Unless you can actually see another rider coming behind you, always close a gate you open.
  • These rules apply to every rider.

The event will utilize Trackleaders, providing a live map, elevation profile and other stats that can be used to follow along. Carrying a personal tracker (e.g., SPOT, Garmin InReach) and being tracked by trackleaders is not mandatory but encouraged. Tracking signup link will be available about a month before the start.