Math 1300: Calculus I, Spring 2008

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Final Exam: Wednesday, May 7 at 7:30-10:00 pm, locations below (original syllabus had the wrong date posted; this is the correct date)

Final Exam Locations
SectionRoom Number
001BESC 185
002MUEN E0046
003ECCR 1B40
004ECCR 1B40
005ECCR 245
006MUEN E0046
007DUAN G1B30
008DUAN G1B30
009DUAN G1B30
011DUAN G1B30
012DUAN G1B30
013DUAN G1B30
014ECCR 245
015ECCR 1B40
017BESC 185

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Each of the following worksheets are to be completed in recitation.  Worksheets will be posted here when available.

Homework Assignments Associated to Worksheets

Each homework assignment listed below is due the Friday after the associated worksheet has been completed in recitation.  These homework assignments will be posted when available.  Each student is responsible for printing this homework from this web page.

Solutions to Worksheets and Homework for Worksheets

Solutions to each worksheet will be posted here on Thursday afternoon following recitation.

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